There are very less auspicious days in our lives, among which wedding does rank as the most celebrated and joyous event. You can surely picture yourself walking down the flowery path to meet your lover at the other end, while friends and family shower their blessings in full bloom. Talking of which, selection of flowers is indeed quite important during a wedding. Different people have different choices, for example some might prefer classic flower varieties, whereas there are some who will always be inclined towards the trendiest options.

Therefore, it is best suited to mutually decide in accordance with the florist, so as to keep the arrangement delicate and appealing. If you are still confused about the selection of wedding flowers, below mentioned are the top most beautiful and famous wedding flower sorts that can be opted for:


One can count it as a superior and standard choice of flowers which is regarded as a symbol of love and beauty, further included in numerous fairy tales and myths. Often you might have noticed that romantic poets and writers have included rose as a metaphor to express passion, emotion, true love and beauty. Considering a wedding celebration, roses can be chosen, especially the ones in solid hues or bicolor varieties. Presently, there are 3,000+ selection of roses which are commercially grown. Interestingly, many of these version of roses are even available all year. It is believed that three preferred types of roses for weddings include hybrid tea roses, garden roses and spray roses. You need not have to hesitate since they are ranked perfect for spring wedding flowers and bouquets , further going to be an active part of the whole event.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies or arum lily, are quite elegant due to its trumpet-shaped blossom. This flower primarily originates in Africa and is known to symbolize splendid beauty. As a wedding flower, calla lilies is available in two varieties:

  • A large-headed range that has a smooth, long stem appropriate for presentation-style garlands and tall arrangements
  • The miniature version which is ideal for boutonnieres and small arrangements

Among calla lilies, creamy ivory is rated to be the most popular color. However, the ones which come in orange, yellow, dark purple and mauve pink are gaining prominence in the recent years.


The bushy head along with intense shades, hydrangeas are a marvelous option of flowers suitable for spring weddings. These are available in shades of blue, pink, purple and burgundy. For people who are unaware about hydrangeas, the most popular versions are the ones which appear to be bubble-gum pink or sky blue during their growing stages.

You can easily access several stems of this affordable flower variety, merged with shrub flower to create a lovely arrangement; or add some sprigs to manage a charming boutonniere. You can conveniently search for a florist that can be hired to manage the hydrangeas flower preparations.


You can always trust on peony as the most valued flower for spring weddings. This is a fragrant flower variety which delivers a romantic look. The gentle blossoming petals are the prime attraction of this wedding flower. You can always add peonies to make a glamorous bouquet together with other cream colored floras or eucalyptus. Traditionally, peonies are available in white, pink and red colors.

Sweet Peas

The significance of sweet pea is associated to “lasting pleasure”. It was first introduced in England in 1699, brought all the way from Sicily. Hence, this ignited the extensive love affair of English people with delicate flower varieties, which is active till date. The candy-like fragrance along with ruffled blossoms does add on to the appeal of this passé favorite when dealing with bouquets designated for the bride and bridesmaids. You can access sweet peas in many colors which range from white to strong purples and pinks. Interestingly, you can get online flower delivery for exotic flower varieties like sweet peas at a cost-friendly price.


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