Consistency Is The Key NOT The Hard Work to Be FIT!

Consistency Is The Key NOT The Hard Work to Be FIT!
Two people biking in the gym, exercising legs doing cardio workout cycling bikes. Couple in a spinning class wearing sportswear.

We have been told the tale that hard work can get you what you want in your life. It may be true in other cases, but not if you are aiming for Healthy and FIT body. Please don’t take me wrong when I say NOT the Hard work. Perhaps hard work is required to achieve your targets, but more than that it’s your consistency which will lead to a better and healthy life. A lot of people get lose strength if they don`t get results in any specific time period. Keeping a short goal is a good idea only if it is practical.

There is a natural process for anything and everything to give response and results including your body. If you try speeding up the process it can have its own side effects. We must change our ideology of keeping healthy. Exercise should be like brushing our teeth. The way you brush every day you should do a minimum of exercise too every day.

Make it a lifestyle and enjoy it every day like you do watching TV or taking a bath. Once you make it your lifestyle all your fitness problems are solved and you will realize the difference. Be consistent and Follow your goal for a better Fitness Level.

Another major problem I have noticed is that most of us confuse body building with fitness. Muscle strength plays a vital role in the process of being fit, but don’t get confused in-between muscular strength and a fit body. A fit body is a combination of Good muscular strength with enough cardiovascular capacity and Flexible body. To have a fit body you must devote enough attention to all these areas with a specific workout for each or a combination for all. To achieve all this you need is consistency and a good trainer to guide.

Don’t keep too much expectation! It can take some or more time to show results. Rushing can cause injuries and injury can cause a break. We all know starting is easy, but restarting is not. So my suggestion to you is take your time to understand your body and go slow and steady. It’s very important that whatever you are doing is correct and you chose the right intensity to start. Many leave the exercise soon after 1 session because they feel exhausted and can`t do it. There is no way one can do anything and everything in one day, Have some patience and reduce the intensity if you think it’s too much for you. Sooner or later exercise is a must for your body. The earlier you start the better it will be. We at Rejuvenation Fitness Group chart out the right workout for you in your capabilities and gradually improve the intensity so that you don’t feel the load and get fitter and better. So always start with low intensity and don’t give up. As I said earlier MAKE IT YOUR LIFE STYLE NOT HOBBY.


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